28 September 2012

Year 2, Day 259 (So Many People Without Sense Nor Focus, Part 2)

I had mentioned in yesterday's post that there were two things that disturbed me... well here is the second. Recently the President of Iran spoke at the UN. This, in itself, is nothing new. He's spoken there several times, and about the same issue: anti-Semitic vitriol. There are several things wrong with this; a) he spoke at the UN this past Wednesday, which was Yom Kippur (about as coincidental as protests in the Middle East occurring on 9/11, to protest an anti-Islam video that had been on YouTube since July); b) the photograph of Ahmedinijad:

This is the same photo that was not only run by the New York Post (did you notice he's flashing a "peace" sign all the while he's spewing hate), but was also used for an article in the New York Daily News

Now here is where I connect the dots between yesterday's post and this one: There is a backlash against Victoria's Secrets latest lingerie line, but silence concerning the above stated facts of Ahmedinijad's anti-Israel stance?! Really?! Ahmendinijad wants to see the total destruction of Israel, a.k.a. genocide - remember that word from the sickening events that developed in Rwanda several years back - where's the outcry now!! Israel has been behind the U.S. for many decades, yet, our current government CONTINUES to completely disregard Israel - and blatanly disrespect their Prime Minister - and continues to do NOTHING on the issue of Iran. Iran speaks in the UN: the masses are silent; Victoria's Secret come oput with new lingerie and you come unglued for no good reason! There have been more outcries of "racism" these past 3 1/2 years than I have ever seen before.

That's the problem with our society: we have become a bunch of spineless, over-sensitive pansies, while Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood are planning world domination... but many don't care, as long as they have a mindless cause to protest and their "reality" TV shows.

How's this: wake up and be a part of REAL reality.

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Anonymous said...

wow! i hear you, doug!