03 September 2012

Year 2, Day 234 (Soon To Head Back To Arkansas)

Having reached my 34 hour window for a re-start on my logbook, I began rolling this morning at around 1100. I made my way to Rogers, AR and did a drop & hook, then took off (but, of course, making a stop for Starbucks). Unfortunately, the trailer my load was on had an air leak on one of the brake chambers. I was able to get a quick fix from the road service that came out, only because - since disc brakes for a semi are still considered "new" - he didn't think the parts were in stock at their shop.

I made it to the rest area just across the Minnesota state line, which leaves me about 175 miles left of this run. Once I do get emptied this afternoon, I'll head to Greenwood, WI (basically out in the middle of nowhere) to load on Tuesday morning. This load will head to Con Agra in Russellville, AR for 0430 (UGH!!) Thursday morning. Yesterday turned out to be a full, yet productive, day, covering over 650 miles. I can kick back a little the next few days... sort of.

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