12 September 2012

Year 2, Day 243 (Back From Canada)

I made my way into Canada on Sunday, having had the glitches ironed out through the broker concerning customs. There were a lot of motorists on the road Sunday, especially making my way through Ft. Macleod, Calgary, and into Edmonton. One thing I did notice was, even though there was a lot of traffic, there wasn't very many traffic backups. Even when I came back through Edmonton at 1600 (MT), there were no traffic jams. The weather was quite nice as well. The past few nights I haven't turned on my APU, and wake up the next morning with a slight chill in the truck.

There was one traffic backup last night as I came into Lethbridge, but I had heard about that a few hours earlier. The situation that had occurred was there was a major fire in that area and - as I had heard when I was south of Calgary - that highway AB 3 was closed going into Lethbridge from the west side. However, once I had made it down there, it had been opened back up. I don't know very many details of the fire, but I had heard that a couple homes and farms were lost. Fortunately there were no casualties being reported, but I do ask that you will keep in prayer those who lost their homes.

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