04 September 2012

Year 2, Day 235 (Leaving Wisconsin)

I was unloaded at Walmart in Tomah, WI at around 1900 yesterday. Afterwards I made my way to Black River Falls, WI (about 30 miles away) to send in the paperwork, grab a bite, and milk up a few things from the store (milk being very essential for cereal). Once all that was accomplished, I hit the road again to find the customer in Greenwood, WI, which is basically in the middle of somewhere. You know you're way out in the Wisconsin countryside when not only is the customer on a county road, but I encountered an Amish buggy just before I arrived (those Amish sure do stay up late... or maybe, get up early, as it was just after midnight).

This is supposed to be a light load, but I'll know for sure once I get loaded. I could go one of three ways on the routing. The quickest way is about 100 miles further, but the shortest way takes me through a multitude of small towns.

This is not an easy decision to make without the aid of coffee.

This is due in Russellville, AR on Thursday morning at 0430, which is not good. What is good is the fact that we have dropped trailers at that customer, so I may have a silver lining after all.

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