09 September 2012

Year 2, Day 240 (The Peace Of The West)

I have driven a truck for many years. In the recent years I have come, with few exceptions, to dislike the east and the south, for most of the same reasons. For the most part, the traffic get pretty horrendous, and the people are - mostly - rude. At one time drivers in the metro New Jersey areas were some of the most rude... now I think that Atlanta has given them a run for their money. Driving out west has a different set of challenges and circumstances. L.A., for example, does have some crazy traffic, but you know (if you've been through there with any frequency) when and where it will usually occur. I've even seen traffic back up in the Seattle area, but it get nowhere near as bad as the east.

The west, however, does offer a lot more solace, a lot more open road... plus driving through the mountainous regions are pretty awe-inspiring. There have been times where it has taken less time to get from the east side of Denver, to I-25 north, up to the Colorado/Wyoming state lines (the distance of about 100 miles) - including traffic and the occasional work zone - than it would to take I-95 north from Elizabeth, NY to the other side of New York City, which is about 1/3 the distance.

Some drivers try to steer clear (no pun intended) of the northwest in the winter months, while I look forward to it. I find it very beautiful to drive through the valleys, surrounded by the snow covered mountains. It's very breath-taking.

What are YOUR preferred areas to travel?

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