27 September 2012

Year 2, Day 258 (So Many People Without Sense Nor Focus)

As I perused through various articles on the "inter-web" this morning, I noticed a couple of articles which disturbed me. The first being a news article, posted on The Huffington Post, about a blog piece first appearing on the Racialicious website. Apparently Victoria's Secret had come out with a Go East collection which had a model in Geisha inspired lingerie... the operative word being "had" as they have since pulled the line, due to backlash. Whether the backlash sparked the post, or vice versa, is unknown and, frankly, irrelevant. The author/guest contributor of the post just "happened" to notice the model was white (not Asian) then simultaneously dove on the "racist" bandwagon. She took offense by saying,

"I might have glossed over some of these pieces entirely–except the catalog descriptions had me reeling. 'Indulge in touches of Eastern delight.' Translation: 'Buying these clothes can help you experience the Exotic East and all the sexual fantasies that come along with it, without all the messy racial politics!'”

Perhaps she may have a point, that is, until I look at her last name: Jacinto. I served many years in the Marine Corps, and had deployed overseas several times... including Okinawa (and mainland) Japan. I have NEVER met anyone of Asian decent with an Hispanic last name. Because of that, she has lost credibility with me. If it was a Mexico or Puerto Rico themed line of lingerie, I could view her diatribe as legitimate.

It reminds me of the "controversy" that arose back in 2005 concerning Florida State University's use of a Seminole warrior as its mascot, and the NCAA putting them on a list of colleges using imagery “hostile or abusive” towards Native Americans (note: the NCAA did NOT have any Native Americans involved in this "decision" during this proceeding). There was one member/activist of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma who supported their action, but he was pretty much overruled by their Chief. Many members of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma AND the Seminole Tribe of Florida had said they were honored that their history was being recognized. August of 2005 saw the NCAA remove FSU from the aforementioned list.

To be continued...

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