19 September 2012

Year 2, Day 249 (Are We The Pawns?)

Over the past few months I have noticed something that disturbs me, and I think it will only get worse as we draw closer to the Presidential elections. It is the growing trend of defending the candidates, when instead, we should be defending our country from the infiltration of a socialist agenda, as well as defending the integrity of the office of the President. Over the past 3+ years, I have seen Socialism rear its ugly head, while the bulk of society is busy being distracted by American Idol or Dancing With The Stars, or even keeping tabs on the progress of Snookie's pregnancy. The problems that we should be looking at are the facts that our Government has succeeded in taking over Health Care, the auto and banking industries, and the gradual downsizing of the strength - not to mention the benefits - of our once strong military. For our Government to continue its excessive spending, all the while we are seeing an unemployment rate over 8%, is not only irresponsible, but dangerous for our economic growth. BOTH parties, and their respective candidates, should be held responsible for this.

For one thing, it is NOT the Government's responsibility to take care of our needs and wants, yet we have relinquished that control to them. My family and I have never been on welfare (we applied once, but were turned down, then we never applied again).The last time I drew an unemployment check was in the early to mid-90's - nearly 20 years ago. There were times that we struggled, times where dinner was ramen noodles with cheap sandwich meat mixed in because that was all we could afford. The point is, there were two things that we grew stronger in: our drive to create a better life for our children, and our faith in G-d (the latter being the prime foundation for what we later became blessed with).

When we realize that in the larger scheme of things, we are being played - by both sides - like cheap fiddles... easy to manipulate, and disposed of when the desired goal is reached. Think about it: both Romney and Obama are tapping in to what moves us emotionally. They say what will capture our attention or tickle our ears, and call - in time - for a "consolidation of power". These were the very same things that were common among Hitler, Mussolini, and Roosevelt. The ideology of "spending our way out of the economic slump" were also common among those just mentioned. We are already in very tumultuous times. It's time we begin being loyal to our country, not the political party. They have already orchestrated and manipulated the laws for their OWN advantage, and have no regard for the American people, nor for the damage that will inevitably ensue.

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