22 September 2012

Year 2, Day 253 (A Good Sabbath, A Sweeter New Year)

The weather has been getting cooler (which I enjoy) and the Sabbath has been blessed! As I make my way to Pennsylvania, I reflect upon the year that has just passed and what I can do to make this new year one that HaShem would bless. With Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) approaching, I search my memory to try and purge my life of past sins and establish forgiveness, not just a forgiveness/repentance between myself and my G-d, HaShem, but also with my fellow man. Repentance is something that, for a long time, people have either dismissed or addressed with a lackadaisical attitude. However, in the years that I have been studying Torah and Jewish traditions, I've discovered that repentance/forgiveness is some that should not be handled in folly. It is something that shapes who you become. A forgiving heart grows a joyous spirit. That is something that I deal with continually and I hope the attitude of forgiveness doesn't revert back. Daily stress can be a hindrance to the process, even a distraction from forgiveness. But if we focus on the things that are most important (such as creating a joyous atmosphere around us), it develops into something that becomes "second nature" to us.

So if anyone has become bothered by anything that I have posted here, I do sincerely - and deeply - apologize. This blog is not meant to offend, belittle, nor derate anybody, but rather (and I hope this goal is reached) to bring awareness - hopefully an awakening - to things I have observed within the world as we know it. Should I offend you at any time, I encourage you to let me know, either on this blog (I always publish legitimate comments, but delete the spam), or via email (some of you have my phone number, so that's ok, as well). You will always receive a prompt, professional response.

May you all be blessed!!

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