25 September 2012

Year 2, Day 256 (Things Will Get Very Ugly, Very Soon)

We are in mid-September, but it's easy to see how things may end up at this November's elections. I'm not referring to who will be elected or re-elected (whichever case applies), but among "we the people" who will be taking part in the voting process. It seems the Obama supporters have completely bought into the Socialist agenda, hook, line, and sinker. Election time is supposed to be when the American people come together to choose a candidate who will be good for the country, yet just about everywhere I turn, the support for Obama is quickly getting to the brink of violence. That is not saying that Romney is the better choice. Clearly that is not the case. Think about this for a moment: 4 years ago, the Presidential seat was between Obama and McCain... Romney was bumped out of the nomination weeks before. He was not adequate enough then, what makes him adequate enough now (Trust me, McCain was not the better choice)? In my opinion, it comes down to this... we, the American people are being played like cheap hookers. We are being served a plate of horse manure and told it's a T-bone steak... and we are believing it! 4 years ago, Obama was propped up as the "Golden Child" with McCain being "chosen" to oppose him (the media "propaganda machine" was also "helpful" in this too). Romney, then, might have defeated Obama then, but he didn't fit in with the larger plan. Now that Obama has been in office for nearly 4 years, he has been able to "tickle the ears" of his minions, and they have fallen for every word! Now that Romney is in the running this time around, he can be defeated, because Obama has been "built up" by the propaganda being fed to us by the media and other political organizations.

The Obama supporters have fallen into step just like Germany during the rise of The Third Reich. If you happen to be one of those that will get ravenously defensive at anything negative that is said about Obama, then you have just proven my point. In closing, let's see if you can look through the haze of propaganda, and clearly see how biased the media truly is by watching this recent clip from CNN, concerning Israel, free speech, Jihad, and Sharia Law.

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