11 September 2012

Year 2, Day 242 (Remembering A Tragic Day)

11 years ago today tragedy struck our nation. It was on this day in 2001 that we all heard the terrible fate that had befallen the Twin Towers in New York City, and most importantly, the innocent lives that were lost as a result, both from the attack on the towers, and the ongoing war in the Middle East that followed. We all know this is the day memorialized as 9/11, but, sadly, many still need a reminder. Should we have sought out those parties responsible? Yes! Should politicians have been given a say in military operations and tactics? Absolutely not! The late Senator Ted Kennedy, early on, referred to our Middle Eastern military operations as "George Bush's Viet Nam." That (in my opinion) inevitably set the ground work for what became the Viet Nam of our generation. Just take a look at the similarities: both wars were ripe with political influence and agendas; both lasted longer than was necessary, and - more importantly - both told the military forces what their jobs were, then prohibited them from doing that job. The difference between the two is that we lost far more troops in Viet Nam than we have in the present cycle.

What should have started as retaliation with righteous indignation has become nothing more than socialist politicians using the military troops as pawns in their sick little game, then blaming others because their agendas didn't pan out the way they wanted, or their pockets didn't get lined as much as they hoped. It's also unfortunate that the socialist leaning politicians come from both "sides of the aisle". It seems that the only time Democrats and Republicans truly work together is to block another political party from getting into the game.

We have a Presidential election coming up in a few months... one in which we really don't have a qualified candidate to choose from. Romney hasn't released his tax statements? So what... Obama has sealed important government documents that prove an injustice had been done ("Fast & Furious" ring a bell?). Obama won't release his college transcripts? Big deal... "RomneyCare" was the basic model for what is now referred to as "ObamaCare" (do you really think Romney would overturn something that pays homage to his own "brilliance"?).

Thomas Jefferson once said, "A revolution every 50 years makes for good government." When was the last time we had a viable revolution? This coming from the same man that also said. "When the government fears the people, there is freedom... when the people fear the government, there in tyranny."

Tyranny is upon us... most just haven't opened their eyes to it.

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