15 September 2012

Year 2, Day 246 (Heading In The Wrong Direction)

I unloaded yesterday morning in Englewood, CO (in the Denver area) and just parked at the customer's facility in order to get a re-start on my logbook. This morning, I left out from there, had the trailer washed out (it was due, since I had just delivered a load of bagged rocks, and peat moss before that), then went just a few miles further to Henderson to get this load. I'm not too fond of this load for several reasons: a) it doesn't deliver until Tuesday afternoon (though I will be there tomorrow night), and, b) it's - in my opinion - heading to Arkansas, which is the wrong direction... but that's my personal preference.

It's been very nice being up in this region, and that's not just referring to the weather, though that has been quite pleasant as well. I've always enjoyed the peace and serenity that comes with traveling the western/northwestern areas. I find solace driving through the mountains and along the open roads... plus the traffic is much less of a headache to deal with. I'm especially looking forward to winter in the northwest. The snow just adds to the solitude... though my wife may disagree. Sure, there's more of a challenge driving a truck along snow ridden highways, but as long as you don't get too confident, everything will be just fine. I have had drivers pass me on snow-covered roads because I was going "too slow" for them. Yet, 15 - 20 miles down the road, I would see them stuck on the median, mainly because they were in so much of a rush, they lost control when they hit a slick spot.

Perhaps my return in this region will be soon... it makes for some pretty good posts.

... Ya think?

I hope you've had a pleasant and peaceful Sabbath.

I have (except for leaving the mountains behind).

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