02 September 2012

Year 2, Day 233 (Food, Glorious Food!)

Yesterday, while I was getting a re-start on my logbook (and enjoying the Sabbath), I had put a wild idea into action. The other day I had done some shopping, and on my list I had written vegetables... so I started brainstorming. I had already picked up a pre-cooked smoked beef brisket, when this wild concoction began to form. So I wandered through the produce section to see what I could come up with. A week ago I was given several Roma tomatoes (most of which I had planned on using in a Pica De Gallo), I just had to figure out what else to use with them.

My mind suddenly went into "creative" mode (and, no, I wasn't shopping on an empty stomach). I found several ingredients to use. I chose not to use the potatoes for this meal, as that would have produced too much food. While the brisket was heating up in the crock pot, I went to work an my idea. My "Vegetable Medley" (as I have come to call it) consists of a couple slices of Roma tomato, red, yellow, and orange Bell Peppers (sliced), a couple slices of white onion (which I had already purchased for the Pico de Gallo), some Greek Kalamata Olives & green Olives (stuffed with garlic), almonds, then I drizzled it with olive oil, splashed it with red wine vinegar, then gave it all a little bit of salt, pepper, and some Mediterranean seasoning.

I also took some aluminum foil and fashioned it into a little pan, then placed it on top of the brisket, closed the lid, and let the crock pot do its work. When I went to put away & organize the last few select items from shopping, I realized I had purchased some sun-dried julienne cut tomatoes just for this idea... so I added a little to the already simmering concoction, which at this point was half done (better late than never). I let it all simmer for a couple more hours. Once I removed the lid this time, the aroma was very enticing.

Now that I've seen what my gastronomic mind created, I was more than ready to eat.

The pictures make it look delicious, but the end product surpassed what could be captured on the camera of an iPhone 3GS.

I really enjoy cooking!!

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