19 September 2012

Year 2, Day 250 (A Change In Format)

As you may have well noticed, these postings are turning in a different direction. This will not be aligned to lean toward any political affiliation, as we already have more of those than we can shake a stick at. Instead, this will be one person's viewpoint, on our country's current state. We have a paradigm shift taking place, as I mentioned in yesterday's post, which isn't of a positive position. People are defending a candidate whom they support based solely on party affiliation. First of all, we live in a Republic, not a Democracy, so why are the election laws written in a way that does not sway in the best interest of the American people? The political system is set up and controlled in a way that only supports a two-party standard. Let's take our current situation. Many people (myself included) are uncomfortable with the choices we have - only two. If , on election day, we write in a candidate that is neither Republican, nor Democrat, our vote - regardless of whom it may be - will be used as if we voted for the incumbent, therefore our vote isn't really counted. Should we choose to vote for either of the two parties, our individual vote doesn't really matter, since it's the Electoral College that decides the election's results anyway. It seems that the Electoral College bases their decision upon their own personal preference anyway (and I'm sure I may get more than just a few rebuttals on this, which I welcome). I know I could be wrong on several things. If I am, I welcome the correction... but please be sure to offer facts.

Don't mind me, it's late, and I'm "shooting from the hip", as it were. One thing we all need to do is come together as a nation, put our differences aside, and choose a candidate that would best represent US, not their own interests, and not their party's affiliation, nor agenda. Remember, our first President, George Washington, 1) didn't really want to be President, and, 2) had NO party affiliation at all. Those are two rules we should apply for our next President.

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