05 September 2012

Year 2, Day 236 (Road Food For The Road Scholar)

Many years ago I had discovered a nice little gem of an eatery. I was making a delivery in southeastern Minnesota, when I happened upon a little restaurant right off the interstate, which was owned and operated by Amish. What was very memorable about this little place was it was quaint... and they served home churned butter. As I was making my way back through Minnesota today, I found that same little diner... now what was the name of it...

After placing my order - which was French Toast (made from their Apple Crunch bread) - they had served not the home churned butter, as I had remembered from before, but individually wrapped butter pats. Something was amiss... so I did a little investigating. Sadly, the Amish folks whom had previously owned it sold the restaurant, but the current owner (a dentist from Lewiston, MN) still does a lot of business with the Amish... to the point that the store upstairs (and some in the restaurant, as well) is packed to the gills with Amish made merchandise. Items such as noodles and breads:

There are also a variety of home bakes pies, as well as Amish handmade quilts (such as this Mariner's Compass pattern, which goes for about $1,300)

I almost forgot, I went there to grab a bite to eat. Unfortunately, the food looked so good, I had forgotten to take a picture, until it was almost too late.

The servers, Blanca & Leslie, were top notch. Despite still trying to catch up from the recent lunch rush, they still maintained a more than pleasant attitude, as well as a cheery ambiance in the restaurant. If you're ever in St. Charles, MN, the restaurant and gas station are off of I-90, at exit 233, then turn south... you'll see them on the right. The restaurant is usually open from 0600-2000 each day. You can also view their menu from the website, and free WiFi while you're there. Pop in for a meal... you'll be glad you did.

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