01 June 2012

Year 2, Day 152 (The Final Farewell)

This morning was the day we held the Celebration Of Life service for my late Father-in-law, LeRoy Bennett. The service was very beautiful, a great memorial in honoring him. Many people spoke of their love, admiration, and respect for him, and the many wonderful memories they had of him, myself included. My wife, Tikvah, even sang one of his favorite songs in a cappella. Afterwards we went to the cemetery for the internment. At the conclusion of that portion, people hung around to pay their final respects. My 19 year old son, Sean-Patrick, then contributed with his own special dedication for his grandfather: he sang "Death Is Not The End" by Bob Dylan, while accompanying himself on guitar & harmonica. It was very beautiful... and moving.

We've all experienced our ride on the emotional roller coaster this past week. It's never easy to lose a loved one, and you are never really "over it." But the key to moving on is in learning how to live without someone, but not forgetting them.

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