07 June 2012

Year 2, Day 158 (The Deception Of Perception)

Some time back, during the week of Passover, some fellow bloggers filled in for me while I took a brief hiatus from the aforementioned Holy Day. One of whom was Natali, a single mom from Wisconsin, and she offered up an excellent - and rather transparent - post.

Today, Natali posted something on her own blog, Life In Monkeyland. In fact, her post speaks of not only the opportunity that was before her in getting her dream, Uber Dork Cafe (with an official website in the works), another step closer to coming true, but also to get it a little more local exposure, and possibly a little media coverage... at least state wide. As I understand it, there was a competition for local entrepreneurs, with the winner receiving a $10,000 prize.

This is where the story and event become a bit shady.

As Natali posted in her blog, the organizers were "on the hunt" in Milwaukee for local start-ups, yet, of the eight finalists (unfortunately, Natali was not one of them), only 3 were from Wisconsin... the rest were from out of state... one even being based in Chile. How is a company based in Chile going to be good for American business?! The winner? A company who had direct ties with the organizers themselves! THAT was uncovered by Natali herself! Then, to make matters worse, the journalist who covered the event, Kathleen Gallagher of the Journal Sentinal, not only took Natali's comments completely out of context in the article, but added the devious connection THAT NATALI uncovered - which is supposed to be the journalist's job - AS AN AFTERTHOUGHT.

This totally reaks of personal agendas, politics, favoritism, and whatever other thing you wish to come up with!!

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