25 June 2012

Year 2, Day 175 (A Short Run)

This morning started out less than interesting. I had been having some trouble with my truck lately (the batteries not holding the charge as long as they should). I thought it may have been just me being paranoid about the slightest of problems, so last night I turned the truck off and let the APU run. 8 hours later (about 0930 CT this morning) I tried to start the truck: nothing. I called the roadside service and they send out a guy that gave us a jump. Now the blower for the bunk area is not working.

With this load being a short run (or as I call, a crap load), I'm hoping that Monica will route me through the North Little Rock terminal tomorrow to get all this fixed. This load had us deadhead from Kansas City, MO to Sedalia, MO, and delivers tomorrow in Rogers, AR... like I said, a crap load (thank you, Tyson).

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