03 June 2012

Year 2, Day 154 (Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2)

Today was the day both Tikvah nor I were looking forward to: our oldest sons leaving to go back home to California. Our son Sean-Patrick left yesterday to head back up to Missouri, where he is currently living. Today was harder, though. It was very nice to have Erik and Paul around for a few days, but hard to see them off.
 Tikvah and our oldest, Paul

Tikvah and Erik

Although, after this parting, Tikvah and I have decided that our goal will be to move out to California by next July. We have missed living out there, and, frankly, I was ready to go about 2 years ago. We have been holding out so that our youngest son, Nathan, can finish high school. Since he will be graduating next Summer, our time here is done. Two of our sons already live out there, and Nathan plans on moving back out there, so we want to be where our boys are. Mind you, that is not to smother them, or to intrude on their lives, since the older ones have wanted us to move out there for some time. So that will be the plan.

We know that HaShem will work it all out.

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