31 May 2012

Year 2, Day 151 (This Has Been A Hard Evening)

This had started out as a good day. My wife, Tikvah, and I met up with her sister, Theresa, and her husband, Scott. The four of us went out what we intended to be a breakfast, but since nobody was serving any, it was lunch. Afterwards we headed to my Mother-in-law's so Tikvah and Theresa could go through all the pictures and choose what would be displayed on the Memorial table for tomorrow's Celebration Of Life service. After all that, we headed to the funeral home for the viewing.

That was when it began to get difficult.

LeRoy has a brother who came out for the funeral... a twin brother. I had heard that Leslie was coming out, and I had met him on several occasions. But with all that had been going on, it just didn't register. During the viewing I had been keeping control of my composure, but after looking at Leslie, and after observing him, and how similar his mannerisms are with LeRoy... I just couldn't keep control very longer.

Yes... I cried.

I will miss LeRoy!

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