14 June 2012

Year 2, Day 164 (Heading To Iowa)

This morning has been rough, as we had to pull an over-nighter. The customer where John & I loaded at didn't have us ready to go until after midnight (ET), which made us late for our first two drops, but we were a little early for the final drop. We grabbed a nap at the Flying J in Carney's Point, NJ, where we headed to the customer to load tomorrow morning in Newark, NJ. This load will have us heading to Sioux City, IA for Monday morning. Not only is that a pretty good run, but it also gets us out of the east.

The weather here is very mild (upper 60's), which makes it good sleeping weather. We were fortunate that we ran in to 2 traffic backups... going the opposite direction of where we were heading. Driving through New Jersey is not that bad, but because of the road network, it's easy to get confused and lost; paying attention is very vital. The roads have more twists and turns than a Tom Clancy novel. That, and the fact that many of the people are rude & inconsiderate doesn't help either.

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