13 June 2012

Year 2, Day 163 (This Will Be An All-Nighter)

When we arrived in Bethlehem, PA last night, we were put in a door right away. Unfortunately, since we didn't have a drop trailer there, we had to wait to get unloaded. What made things really frustrating, was that the graveyard shift at the customer waiting until our appointment time. While we were waiting, John and I ran out of hours. They normally don't allow for overnight parking, but we actually did. The graveyard crew didn't bother us at all, but when the day shift crew came in, the yard driver had to be a hard-nose.

With only an 8 hour break, we were able to legally drive over here to the customer in Souderton. Our appointment time here is for 1800-2300. Since we are already backed into the door, there's a slight chance we may get loaded early. I hope so, this way we can head to the first drop and get a nap before we unload.

Our next load will have us busy for the weekend. I'll fill you in tomorrow, so I'll have something to talk about.

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