19 June 2012

Year 2, Day 169 (When Will America Wake Up?!)

As we draw closer to the Presidential elections, the talking points of each party are being parroted by their hard-lined minions, like ravenous wolves on the hunt for a victory. Personally, I'm getting nauseous by all of it; what the politicians are telling us can only be likened to audio ipecac. You want talking points? Take a moment and think about these for a moment:

*Politicians (from both sides) are trying to get you to believe that it's wrong for people to be rich, while each of them lavish in 6 figure salaries and don't pay for their own healthcare.

*The Democrat party preaches against corporate greed, while their own "golden child" gives billions in "stimulus packages" to corporations, unions, and federal programs (all designed to feed personal agendas).

*Republicans rally behind their "golden child" who has already allegedly claimed he would NOT overturn the universal (albeit unconstitutional) healthcare, mainly because his own law passed for Massachusetts state when he was governor was the model for what was forced down our throats.

*If Democrats are so "pro-Union", why are there states, with a Democrat governor, that still have "right-to-work" laws, which limit the power that unions have in relation to their corporate employers?

*If Republicans are so "pro-Military" (not that Democrats are any better, they are far from it), why have our veterans been tossed to the side like an old shoeshine rag?

*Why do both sides - and the media - paint Israel as a "villain"? Last time I checked, it was not Jewish people that pose a violent threat to us, but Muslims! Jewish people have given THE WORLD a long list of technological and medical advancements/breakthroughs, while the Muslim nations mainly seek to destroy Israel... then US!!

The answer to all of the above is pretty simple: our Republic is quickly eroding due to the actions and policies of those, whom WE elected, who do NOT serve the American people, but themselves. They all point fingers at the corporate "elite" while they themselves fit that very same description AND accepting donations from the same "evil" corporations they are vilifying. Liberals (as distorted as their ideology is) and Conservatives (as politicians, they are just a bunch of pansies) are fading away from existence, as Socialism gradually takes over. If you doubt me, think of all the key words used today: "Social" programs, "Social"equality (the "No Child Left Behind" program - everybody is equal, started by George W. Bush and Ted Kennedy - see the pattern yet?).

America, stop playing patty-cake while the battle rages on around you!

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