28 June 2012

Year 2, Day 178 (Heading To The U.P.)

John and I finished the deadhead trip to Milwaukee, WI where we picked up this load. Yesterday, Monica (my Fleet Manager) said if we were unable to deliver this by 1600 (ET) tomorrow, then she would have us drop the load at the terminal in Gary, IN and get another driver to deliver it on Monday. Since we were loaded at a relatively decent time, I told her we would be able to deliver tomorrow, so the route we are taking will bring us through the Upper Peninsula (or U.P. for short). In all the years I have driven a truck, this will be my first venture into that region.

The word is out all over the media sources about the Supreme Court's decision concerning the "Affordable Health Care Law"; as of this morning, the AHCL IS constitutional. Many of us can banter and argue the positives or negatives (depending on your viewpoint) of this controversial law until we are blue in the face, or until the cows come home (whichever you prefer), but the fact of the matter is, now it's set in stone. One thing that is ever more set in stone is that G-d is bigger than ANY government entity... PERIOD! We can whine and cry, argue and debate, even throw a temper tantrum, but none of that will change what has been decided. What we can do, however, is pray. At this point, that's all that is left. Prayer can do what we cannot. History has shown what power lies in prayer (this is the part where you begin searching it for yourself). This country was started by men who feared - and loved - G-d... let's get ourselves back to those roots.

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