20 June 2012

Year 2, Day 170 (About 24 Hours To Go)

Yesterday John and I left from Avoca, IA (which is 40 miles east of the Nebraska state line), and were able to cover quite a bit of ground. John drove nearly 600 miles before we shut down for the night in Fremont, IN. Along the way, during one of the stops for the required load checks (and an essential restroom break), I saw this really cool minibus driven by a couple of guys making their way to Vermont. In fact, the bus was too cool not to get a picture of.

Sure, it may look like the typical hippie/surfer bus, but the designs and the artwork looked as though there was time and thought put into it (and obviously very good use of color).

Tomorrow this load delivers at 1900 in Bedford, PA, though the delivery time shows a window: 1430-1900. I called about this, to find out that's the window with which Walmart receives ice cream. Even though our appointment is for 1900, we can (supposedly) go in at 1430 and they will work us in... we shall see. What our next run will be has still yet to be determined... hopefully it will be a really good one.

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