29 June 2012

Year 2, Day 179 (What A Nice Ride)

John and I had a nice trip through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, though we would have made better time, had we not been delayed at one facility waiting for the bulkheads that the customer required. If not for that delay we probably would have made it to the customer last night (or early this morning, by Eastern Time Zone). We shut down just after midnight (CT) at a small rest area, right next to the Northern Rim of Lake Michigan. That turned out to be a blessing in disguise this morning, as I was able to get some good pictures this morning.

On the way to the customer, we crossed the Mackinac Bridge, which separates Lake Michigan (on the west side) from Lake Huron (on the east side).

The weather was very mild, getting down to about 56° where we parked, and much less humid than it was in Milwaukee, WI yesterday.

As Sabbath approaches I hope you will all take the time to keep the leaders of our country in prayer. We are facing some very tumultuous times ahead, with what we are seeing now soon to pale in comparison to what may lie ahead. May you all be blessed, and enjoy a peaceful - and restful - Sabbath!

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