18 June 2012

Year 2, Day 168 (This Is A Cool Run)

This morning John and I finished our re-start on our logbooks here in Sioux City, IA, where we also unloaded. It's been fairly uneventful, except for the movie fest we had yesterday. Today, however, it's back to business as usual. Once we were unloaded, we came up to Le Mars, IA (about 30 miles away) to pick up our next load: ice cream; heading for Bedford, PA (as I said, this is a cool run).

Lately, I haven't paid attention to the news, for several reasons: a) all that is really being put in the foreground are politics and the upcoming Presidential elections; b) the media "machine" will only "report" what fits in with their own ideologies and/or agendas (this is inclusive of ALL of the mainstream media - ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, MSNBC, and whomever else I missed); c) between the media, the candidates, and the spin doctors, there's no real way to tell the fact from fiction, even with the internet. Everybody wants their candidate to win. I can no longer trust our current administration due to the failures they have (broken "promises", questionable allegiance, etc.), nor can I trust the nominee of the other side. They each align with opposing parties, yet they also share some of the same ideology. I've said it before, it bears stating again: that leads me to believe that both candidates are Socialist in their policies and/or viewpoints.

Take a closer look at each of them.

Things are NOT always what they seem.

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