21 June 2012

Year 2, Day 171 (The Weekend Is Somewhat Covered)

John and I arrived in Bedford, PA yesterday evening, and were able to find one of two remaining parking spots at the fuel stop about 2 miles from the Walmart D.C. We left there about 1500 to head over to (hopefully) get unloaded early. Since this is an ice cream load, their window for ice cream deliveries is from 1430-1900. Our appointment is for 1900, but we are hoping they pill this off earlier. As of the time of this writing (1735 ET), we are just now getting put into a door... seems standard for Walmart (and people wonder why I have such disdain for them).

Once we are done here, we will head to Martinsburg, WV to pick up a load heading to Kansas City, MO for Sunday. We have a loading appointment of 1400 tomorrow, but since it's not Walmart, we may have a better chance of getting loaded early. If we by chance get loaded tonight, we will be able to cover some ground and possibly get this kicked off Saturday.

I foresee a visit to Starbucks in my very near future.

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