05 June 2012

Year 2, Day 156 (Another Trip Done)

Last night I made it to our terminal in Madison, IL, where I shut down. Originally I was scheduled to bring the trailer in and have the shop take a look at it. Earlier in the day, when I ran the pre-trip program, it failed the pre-trip, but continued working as expected. Then I had seen a "Check Battery" message on the display, but it still kept running. When I brought it to the shop at the Madison terminal and explained all this, the shop foreman said he needed a fault code. I ran another pre-trip, but this time everything ran flawlessly. As we spoke, we surmised that because this is a new trailer, plus the fact that it had sat dormant for the previous 5 days, it may have been a battery issue... but since the unit had been running all day, it seems to have worked it all out.

I left this morning and continued making my way to Rochelle, IL. My appointment was for 1500, but I arrived at 1440. Since this is a new trailer, I wanted to keep it for a while, so I asked if they would live unload (we do have a dropped trailer here), which they agreed to. There's really no rush to get out of here; my pre-plan picks up tomorrow morning in Chicago (about 80 miles from here) and heads to Covington, TN for Thursday morning.

The weather has been pretty mild all day, only getting up to about 78°. The humidity was pretty bad for a couple days in the small Arkansas city where I live, but it did cool down enough for me to get in my 2 rides.

I'm ready for more cold weather, but I guess I'll just have to wait until Winter.

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