08 June 2012

Year 2, Day 159 (New Student, Busy Weekend)

This has been kind of a busy day. I started experiencing some problems with the reefer unit last night, which - since I had a fresh load on - had mandated that a road service tech be called out. The tech came out and, since he didn't have the part needed to perform the repair correctly, he gave the problem a "quick fix". After I unloaded in Russellville, AR, I took the trailer to a shop to get the problem fixed properly, then off to Con Agra to get my next load. This load (which is taking me to Rochelle, IL) was already loaded up and ready to go, actually last night. I went to the North Little Rock terminal, and picked up John, my new student.

I was delayed at the yard longer than I had wanted to, so, because of my hours, I am unable to make it to the yard in Madison, IL. We shut down in Neelyville, MO, which is just across the state line from Arkansas, on U.S. 67. This load delivers between 0600-2359 on Sunday, but I'm hoping I'll be able to drop it tomorrow night, then get a re-start in Rochelle. Monday, however, we will be picking up a load in Woodstock, IL going to Bethlehem, PA for 0300 Wednesday. Since we have a drop trailer at the receiving customer, that will make things easier.

Tomorrow will be a full day... hopefully things will go according to plan. May you all have a joyous & peaceful Sabbath!

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