23 June 2012

Year 2, Day 173 (A Long Night, But Almost There)

John and I had finally left from Martinsburg, WV yesterday around 1530 (ET) and began the trip from there to Kansas City, MO. We made a stop in one of the service plazas on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and took a 45 minute break; for food, and more importantly, Starbucks. We shut down this morning at almost 0215 (CT) at the rest area just west of Indianapolis. There was a 4 mile traffic backup in Ohio, going into a construction zone, that delayed us, otherwise we would have made it into Illinois before shutting down. It is very frustrating when going into construction zones nowadays, because there are ample warnings beforehand telling people what's ahead and which lane is closed; yet people are so self-centered nowadays that - even though there are a long line of vehicles that have merged into what will be the open lane - they will continue past the line, all the way to the merge point and force their way in. This is the society we have become? Really?!

Now that I've gotten that out of the way. As John makes his way down the road, we will be making a stop at the terminal in Madison, IL; get some laundry done, perhaps even make a grocery run. The weather is a little warm outside, but very clear and sunny. As we make our way westward, we are listening to the soundtrack for Schindler's List (not exactly what one would expect two former Marines to listen to by choice). Looking out the window at the passing fields, I see the various stages of the different corn fields: some halfway to full maturity, while others yet are little more than mere seedling fields. The sights such as this make me realize how much more blessed we are as a nation, and that I am able to view such a sight on this glorious Sabbath day.

Be blessed!!

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