26 June 2012

Year 2, Day 176 (Northbound, Winding Down The Days)

John and I started our day from Rogers, AR this morning. While I was sleeping, our next load was dispatched on us, so John showed initiative and wrote down all the essential information. We picked up in Russellville, AR, with a delivery scheduled for Thursday in Rochelle, IL. I also arranged to have an appointment made to get the truck in the shop once we arrive at the terminal in North Little Rock. With the weather being so hot today, it will be nice to get the truck in proper working order. Just a few more days to go, then I will be heading home, and John will take his final evaluation (on the 4th, to be exact).

The other day, when we were getting a re-start in Kansas City, MO, I was speaking with another truck driver whom had greeted me in the traditional Hebrew greeting of "Shalom." We spoke for a few minutes, during which he used a few other Hebrew terms I was unfamiliar with (since I wasn't raised in the faith, nor the language, I am trying to play "catch-up"). When we parted, he said "Layla Tov". At first I thought, "I know the term, but it just isn't registering in the memory banks." He then said, "That's 'good night.' You're really gonna have to learn this stuff... it's not right that I'm a Puerto Rican teaching you Hebrew."

Yeah, it was funny!

Starbucks, here I come!

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