06 June 2012

Year 2, Day 157 (On The Way To Tennessee)

I was loaded and leaving from Chicago at around lunch time today, this time I'm heading to Covington, TN, just north of Memphis. This is a fairly heavy load (about 42,000 lbs - that's a lot of Tootsie Rolls), but still not too terribly bad. They were fairly efficient in getting me loaded, and the traffic on the interstate ran pretty smooth... it helps when I can get through before any rush hour. Since there is a 48 hour D.O.T. blitz going on, I wanted to make sure my weights were legal and NOT draw any attention to myself. This 48 hour blitz is something that happens every year. A 48 hour period where D.O.T. officers nationwide do a lot more vehicle inspections than the rest of the year... or, at least they are supposed to.

I also found out this morning that I will be getting a new student. My latest victim... uh, I mean trainee, will be ready to be picked up after noon on Friday. So far, all I know is his name is John, and he's from Dowagiac, MI. I'll touch bases with him a little later this evening and find out a little more about him. Therefore, he will be a recurring subject for the next few weeks.

I was able to get a good start to the day this morning by paying a visit to the Starbucks, which was inside the Target that I parked next to last night. Now that I have found a suitable replacement for my previous mug, which was an arduous search in itself (the previous mugs I had purchased just didn't keep the drink hot long enough, so I ended up going back to my old mug). The previous mug lasted me about 6 years or so... yes, it had seen a lot of coffee fills.

Carpe Java!

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