29 July 2012

Year 2, Day 209 (300 Miles To The First Drop)

I made it from Rockwall, TX (just east outside of Dallas) to Hayti, MO (on the southeast corner of the state, 19 miles north of the Missouri/Arkansas state lines) before I shut down for the night. The traffic hasn't been very bad at all along the way. However, I did take a detour. Just east of Little Rock I know there is some construction going on, and the drivers being normally inconsiderate, that area can get pretty jacked up. So I took a detour north that brings me into the south side of Jonesboro, thens skirts a little south, then back east and north again, putting me on the east side of Paragould, AR, where I pick up U.S. 412, which then brings me to Hayti, MO. That route may take a little more time, but it's also a little shorter.

Once Nathan and I leave out of here, I'll more than likely make a stop in Effingham, IL to top off the fuel (and of course get us some Starbucks) before finishing for the day.

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