02 July 2012

Year 2, Day 182 (Sweet Run, Soon To Be Home)

Today we didn't get dispatched on a load until this afternoon, then it was through a broker, but this will be a sweet load on several different levels. First, it's a load of candy coming out of Abilene, KS; second, I've already received word to route through our terminal in North Little Rock to release John for his final evaluation; finally, I'll meet up with another driver in West Memphis, AR, where he will take the load on to Cookeville, TN... he delivers this load then goes home, I swap with him then I go home, a win-win situation. This doesn't deliver until Thursday morning, but I'll be home by then, relaxing at home.

This has turned out to be a productive time out this time, and I'm sure John will do well out on his own. In fact, I'm confident he will do great. We've covered several different scenarios, been through different cities, hence, different cultures/attitudes. We'll cross paths somewhere down the road, I usually see previous students at some point or another.

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