24 July 2012

Year 2, Day 204 (On The Way To Kentucky)

I was up at 0530 (CT), my second day in a row, to make sure I spent some time in the Torah before heading out to make the delivery in Bethlehem, PA. I arrived 45 minutes before my appointment time, but it took a while to get unloaded. From there I headed to Souderton, which is just north of Philadelphia. Fortunately it was a drop & hook. What was unfortunate was that there was a bit of damage to the trailer... which leaves me to get the repairs done.

Since it was a drop & hook, I was able to be in & out relatively quickly. I was hoping to have covered more miles, but with the damage, that cut me shorter than what I wanted. My original plan was to get into West Virginia then shut down someplace there, but the repairs had been done in Greencastle, PA (about 5 miles north of the Maryland state line), so that was the end of the line for the night.

I only have 530 miles left to cover, but the fact that my delivery appointment in London, KY is for 0300 (ET) on Wednesday means that I was up at 0530 (CT) this morning...again.

Coffee was definitely in order this morning.

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