03 July 2012

Year 2, Day 183 (My Last Day Out - And A Political Rant)

Last night, John and I shut down in Collins, MO, which is about an hour north of Springfield. This turned out to be a good call. When I spoke to Monica (my Fleet Manager) this morning, she said that coming down to the terminal in North Little Rock (before continuing to West Memphis) would be too far out of route. The tentative plan, as of now, is to swap in West Memphis, AR, deliver in Memphis, then drop John off on Bald Knob, AR (where he will then be shuttled to the NLR terminal), then go home. However, since I have dealt with the customer in Memphis before, dropping John off may not happen until tomorrow. Whichever plan transpires, it won't be until tomorrow.

In recent years I have withdrawn from much of my involvement in political diatribe, as there are too many underhanded and back-door deals going on within the higher echelon structure. For example, the Health Care Law (aptly dubbed as "ObamaCare") and the recent Supreme Court decision upholding its constitutionality. This screenshot - which was posted on Facebook - pretty much sums it up:

Allow me to offer this: Politicians make 6-figure salaries, while the taxpayers foot the bill for their medical care; they get their full pension upon retirement, and are "against" the "wealthy elite" and corporations? Let's break this down: 6-figure incomes - they can afford to pay their own health care, thus taken the burden off the taxpayers' shoulder (notice how the politicians NEVER show, nor admit, their problems with substance/alcohol abuse and/or financial corruption until they are exposed of such); the military - whom actually fight for our freedoms and liberties - only get a salary that's generally 1/10th of what the politicians make, only get a fraction of their salaries for retirement (should they be lucky enough to stay in for 20 years, unlike those who are "forced" out of service by, yep, you guessed it... the politicians) - and let's not forget the REAL civil servants of our country: policemen, firemen, paramedics, etc.; those politicians who are "against" the wealthy elite, are themselves wealthy elitists (not to mention, it would be interesting to find out who the "corporate sponsors" are for their campaign coffers).

You can GUARANTEE that the Health Care Law they have shoved down our throats is nowhere NEAR as good as what they get themselves. Let's make some Federal budget cuts where they will really matter: 1) politicians' salaries, 2) frivolous projects sponsored by those politicians (do we really need a national Tea Cup Museum, or a Woodstock Museum? It has been said, "those who remember the 60's, probably really weren't there." This especially holds true for Woodstock).

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