21 July 2012

Year 2, Day 201 (A Re-Start On The Sabbarh)

After making my way to Mt. Juliet, TN yesterday to re-power a load, I shut down in Knoxville, TN and decided to get a re-start here. I may have put more work on myself by doing so, since the load is due in Bethlehem, PA at 1000 (ET) on Monday, but I felt it was more important - for me, anyway - to honor the Sabbath... a day of rest. I actually feel more rested and at peace today, after spending all afternoon getting caught up on my readings of The Daily Dose Of Torah, and especially after reading this week's portion with my son Nathan. I find myself more relaxed, especially since I have pushed out all work-related thoughts, and focused more upon HaShem, and more importantly, how I can seek G-d's guidance to be more of a positive influence in a society presently riddled with negativity.

It says in Scripture how we are to always remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy (Exodus 20:8 is the first place where this is mentioned), and I've always jumped at the opportunity to shut down for the Sabbath, and, basically, "unplug" from whatever circumstances are going on around me, yet if there is a chance to share with another about what my studies have taught me, I want to be open and receptive to the guidance of HaShem's Spirit to do so.

May you all be blessed.

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