04 July 2012

Year 2, Day 184 (Independence Day - My First Day Home)

I have released John today to take his final evaluation and made my way home. I arrived home at around lunch time. Obviously, this is no ordinary day, it's the day in which we remember what our forefather's did - and what they risked - in order for later generations (us) to continue the culture of sovereignty from British rule, a.k.a. Independence Day. There were a lot of sacrifices made, and a lot of lives lost, in the process of this nation becoming its own. This day is about more than shooting off fireworks, barbecues, and beer. People have lost their properties for this country's sovereignty, some have lost their lives... but all have fought for a new life in a new world, something they felt very passionate about. Passion and dedication. Has our present society lost their way? It's time we make our country's pioneers proud; let not their effort be for naught!

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