12 July 2012

Year 2, Day 192 (A Short Day, A Short Run)

We made it to Rend Lake, IL where we shut down last night. Rend Lake, being about 90 miles south of Effingham, and about 70 miles north of the Missouri state line/Mississippi River. When Nathan and I started rolling this morning, at about 0945, we had about 200 miles to go to the customer I was delivering to, do a drop & hook onto another loaded trailer, then about 200 miles from there to Lebanon, TN to deliver at 1100 tomorrow. I was hoping I would have been pre-planned this afternoon, but that didn't happen. I was actually preferring that I would have re-powered the load from another driver and take that to Tulsa, OK, but I guess that other driver wasn't making well enough progress. At least I can hope for a decent run to keep me busy for the weekend... just so long as it doesn't go up to the northeast... except Boston, I would go to Boston.

As Nathan and I finish the last 60 miles of this trip, we are listening to the unabridged audiobook of By Order Of The President by W.E.B. Griffin (probably my third time listening to it). Once this one is finished, I'll probably give the audiobooks a small break, so Nathan can hear some music, thus not be completely bored.

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