26 July 2012

Year 2, Day 206 (Texas Bound For Tomorrow Morning)

I made it to Erlanger, KY just in time for my appointment to pick up a load of ice cream. Nathan and I made a couple stops afterwards, one of which was a run to Starbucks. We shut down in Union City, TN with less than 30 minutes left on my logbook, at an early enough time to get a decent parking spot at the truck stop. Today I have an appointment at 1300 in the shop at our North Little Rock terminal (I had enough foresight to schedule it yesterday) to get some repairs done on the truck. Hopefully it will not be a long, drawn out process.

While in North Little rock I hope to make another Starbucks run for the final leg of this trip, though I don't like having a 0600 delivery appointment in Lufkin, TX. It happens sometimes, but it seems that everyday this week has started with an early morning. But I feel blessed nevertheless, as I was able to fully keep the Sabbath last week. I'm due home a week from now, and I am (as always) looking forward to it. I was considering extending it for another week to get a load going up to the northwest, but as I look at the logbook I see that my initial plan, most likely, wouldn't happen. That plan is, as in the past, to get up to Woodinville, WA on Monday night and get a re-start. Unfortunately I wouldn't have the hours to get up there at that time.

It happens.

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