18 July 2012

Year 2, Day 198 (I'm Back From Canada)

I arrived at the customer in Brampton, ON last night at just before 2330 (ET), and was unloaded this morning, but had to wait until my mandated 10 hour break was completed until I began driving. My next load (which I was pre-planned on yesterday) has me returning to the Buffalo area to pick up a broker load in Batavia, NY, just east of Buffalo, and will deliver on Friday in Chattanooga, TN. The unfortunate thing about that destination is that I will get my weekend load either, a) through another broker, or, b) from Tyson. Neither of which are very appealing to me.

The weather up in this region is very mild and, yes, very nice. I do find it interesting that several years ago, the last time Nathan was on the truck with me, was also during my birthday (which, by the way, has either already passed, or has yet to come - but I won't share that). That time we were in Orlando, FL and spent a couple hours in the huge mall there, which had an M&M's store, an indoor surfing wave, and, of course, an Apple Store.

Good times!

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