15 July 2012

Year 2, Day 195 (Heading To Pennsylvania)

I made it to Auburn, IN at around 0100 this morning, where I unloaded at the Walmart Distribution Center there. Once I finished with my required 10 hour break, I made my way to Newport, MI where I met up with one of our other drivers to swap trailers. His trailer was loaded with Coca Cola product heading to Pottsville, PA for tomorrow evening. Nathan and I made a few stops along the way: Meijer (to pick up a few groceries), Pilot (to get fuel), and, finally, to the Commodore Perry Service Plaza (to get a dose of Starbucks, as well as Lox & Bagels from Einstein Brothers Bagels).

This was Nathan's first experience with Lox & Bagels (there's not a lot in the way of kosher food establishments and/or deli's in north central Arkansas), and, from what I gather, he seems to like it. I figure I'll try to get us into Pennsylvania, probably about 100 miles, before we shut down for the day. All in all, this turned out to be a pretty productive day.

Did I mention we got some Starbucks?

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