11 July 2012

Year 2, Day 191 (A Change Of Course)

Yesterday, after I was unloaded, I headed up to Milwaukee to pick up the load I was pre-planned on. Once I arrived (after making a stop to pick up some bulkheads) everything seemed to go fairly smoothly... until I checked in to the guard post where I would be getting the bills. It was then I found out that my load had been "double booked" (that is, one load assigned to two different trucking companies). Since the other truck had arrived before I did, the load went on that truck. I had to wait until this morning to get another load, so Nathan and I went to the Pilot just south of Milwaukee and shut down for the night. Our dinner was some spaghetti that I made in the crock pot.

This morning I was sent to Delavan, WI (about 50 miles southwest of Milwaukee) to pick up the load I am now on. While we were waiting, Nathan pulled out his guitar and played a few songs.

This load will take us to Covington, TN for tomorrow, where I am also pre-planned to pick up my next load, which goes to Lebanon, TN for Friday morning. Still, all is quiet on the mid-western front.

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