10 July 2012

Year 2, Day 190 (Soon To Get A Short Run)

We left out this morning from the terminal in Madison, IL to finish this run to Rochelle, IL. Yesterday I had been given a pre-plan, this morning it was taken off, then it was put back on me this afternoon. This next run will have me picking up a load of beer in Milwaukee, WI and taking it to Lansing, MI. It's not due until Thursday morning, but I'm hoping that the customer will unload it when I get there tomorrow. That is only because there is a possibility that I may have to re-power a load from another driver and deliver that load in Tulsa, OK, from there, I will probably get a load going up to Woodinville, WA and finishing off in Burnaby, BC, in which case I will probably get re-loaded in Lewiston, ID, where I can make a stop in Clarkston, WA to visit some family on the way. All of this is purely speculative right now... first I'll wait to see how these next few days play out.

It's fun having Nathan (my youngest son) on the truck with me, but I'm putting a major responsibility on him: he's tasked with helping me to quit smoking... we'll see how that works out.

At least I will still have Starbucks.

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