27 July 2012

Year 2, Day 207 (These Oddball Hours Can Be Rough)

I arrived at the North Little Rock terminal about 20 minutes before my scheduled appointment for some repairs on the truck, but my truck wasn't pulled into the shop until about 1230. That caused a delay on the driving part, as I ran out of hours before I made it to the customer. Therefore I have to get up (only taking an 8 hour break instead of a full 10... we call that taking a "split sleeper berth") at around 0500 and start rolling just before 0530. It was there that I witnessed quite a display of unprofessionalism. The security guard was texting as I walked up to the window. Apparently that was such an important text, because she didn't look up, nor interrupt what she was doing until she had finished.

While we were waiting for the truck to get worked on, I took Nathan around and introduced him to some people in the office. We also went out with the company vehicle to grab something to eat from Jimmy John's, and a little something from Starbucks (of course).

At midnight I will be picking up a load in Ft. Worth with two drops heading to Illinois. What I find to what amounts to poor planning is that my first drop is in Alsip, IL (in the Chicago area) then I finish off in Champaign... which is going back south (what do you expect from a broker load). Perhaps I'll be able to get myself back in some sort of rhythm over the weekend. I guess it shouldn't matter, since Nathan and I will be heading home next Wednesday... and by "home" I am referring to the house in which we currently reside, "home", in the true aspect of the word, will be once we make the move to California - around this time next year.

May your Sabbath be blessed!

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