28 July 2012

Year 2, Day 208 (On The Road... Finally)

My appointment to load in Ft. Worth, TX was for midnight, and I arrived at 2350. I checked in, went around the building to get the required bulkheads, then waited. After I while I went into the sleeper bunk to get some sleep while waiting. The yard driver finally came around at told me to back into a door (it was a little after 0230 at this point). I backed up to the dock, then went in to the shipping office to get those preliminary measures taken care of. Back to the truck, back to sleep. By the time I was loaded, billed out, then getting sealed at the gate on the way out it was after 0530... and I don't plan on going very much further.

One of the downsides about dealing with this broker (C. H. Robinson) is that they treat each load like a dictator holding a government secret. The way I have always planned my trips is to have everything taken care of from the beginning... everything. But because I'm having to deal with them, they won't give me the directions for the final drop until after I've made delivery on the first.

At least I have until Monday morning to get there, so I will have time to get some sleep... and Starbucks.

Shabbat Shalom!

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