20 July 2012

Year 2, Day 200 (Another Re-Power On Another Weekend)

Yesterday as we made our way towards Chattanooga, TN, Nathan (my youngest son) and I made a stop in Florence, KY and had lunch at Izzy's, as well as paying a visit to Starbucks, which just happened to be next door. For those of you that may not know, Izzy's is home of the 110 Challenge sandwich (which I had posted about last year). It had been a while - a long while - since I had last been there, but it was nice to be remembered by not only John (the manager at the Florence location), but some of his employees as well.

As I understand it, once I finish unloading in Chattanooga I am to head up to Lebanon (just east of Nashville) and meet up with another driver to re-power his load going to Bethlehem, PA, which probably won't deliver until Monday. If that's the case, I just may be able to get a re-start after all.

May your Sabbath be a joyous one, as well as a peaceful rest!

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