25 July 2012

Year 2, Day 205 (I'm Beginning To Feel A Little Ragged)

I started out later than I had planned on yesterday, by nearly 2 hours. I made it to the customer, but unfortunately my sleep was a bit broken: up at around 0300 (ET), then on the road again (after my 10 hour break) at around 0630 (CT), in order to make my appointment for this load on time, which was 1000 (ET)... and being 150 miles away was no easy task, especially since my truck only runs 62 MPH. This load delivers Friday morning (at 0600 CT) in Lufkin, TX.

I probably could have made better time yesterday, had I taken a different (albeit longer) route... those hills on I-68 in Maryland can be pretty rough. Another unfortunate thing is that I'm going to try to stop at the North Little Rock terminal to get some work done on the truck. Yesterday afternoon, while driving through West Virginia, one of the tail light mounting brackets on the truck broke... yes, a steel bracket broke. That may be a common occurrence on an older truck, but this truck is only 1 1/2 years old.

I need some Starbucks... in a major way!

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