22 May 2012

Year 2, Day 142 (Scott Schultz, In Real Life)

Today turned out quite well, despite the drizzling rain... not that there's anything wrong with the rain... this is the Seattle area, after all. The customer that Dillard and I are delivering to (scheduled for tomorrow) unloaded us this morning. This customer I've always enjoyed dealing with... always. The fact that we were unloaded first thing this morning was a plus, because that leaves the rest of the day free.
As I mentioned yesterday, I made plans to meet up with Scott Schultz. Scott and I first interacted with each other via Twitter, then later on became friends on Facebook. As of today, we finally met face-to-face.

We met up for lunch at a nice little place called Pallino Pastaria. I ordered the Pesto Genovese with Penne, which was very delicious.

We spoke about a variety of things, mainly getting to know each other; family, children, careers, etc. It was a very enjoyable time, I'm glad we finally were able to put real personalities behind the various tweets and random Facebook postings. We'll keep in touch, Scott... may you and your family be blessed!
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terrinakamura said...

Wow, how fun, you guys! I'm sorry we weren't able to connect this time around, Doug! But I know it'll happen again! Isn't Scott a great guy? I wish I could've joined you.


PS. I tried to post a comment on your blog yesterday, but Blogger wouldn't let me :-(

terrinakamura said...

Hmmm.... I tried to post a comment, but it disappeared.

Here goes again!

I'm really glad you and Scott were able to get together. He's a great guy and I've missed seeing him for quite a while.

Sorry you and I weren't able to connect this time, Doug...but hopefully we will the next time you're in the area.