31 May 2012

Year 2, Day 150 (It's Been A Busy Day)

I went to bed late last night, mainly for the reason that I wanted to get my little bit of laundry done so I would not be bringing any dirty laundry home. I arrived home at about 1145 this morning, only to be on the road again 10 minutes later, heading back to Little Rock. Our oldest sons, Paul and Erik were flying in from California today for their Grandfather's funeral. Several years ago, my Father-in-law, LeRoy, worked for the city where we currently reside, and was still in touch - and had a good relationship - with many of the people he worked with/for... up to and including the current Mayor. As I found out earlier today, the City Hall will be closed Friday until after his funeral so that all the employees will have the opportunity to pay their respects, and bid their final farewell. Now that shows that he was honored and respected by all he came in contact with.

There are still a few final issues to tend to before then, but it should all be taken care of by then.

Goodnight, LeRoy... say hello to "Chesty" for me (those who were in the Marine Corps will know exactly what that means!).

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